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The Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery is a great place to soak up some culture. You'll find collections of art, applied art, social history, archaeology and ethnography in over 40 different galleries. Take some time to appreciate artefacts from ancient Egypt or revel in the amazing objects from European and world history, more

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..including the Greeks and Romans. Throughout the year there are several temporary exhibitions and events. If you have them, you can even bring your own historic items you'd like to know more about to the museum. During the Spotlight Sessions, experts will tell you all they can about its history, its function, and its value. Maybe you'll find you have a modern equivalent at home. Or it might be worth a million pounds! An intriguing feature is the possibility of adopting an object: you can pick an item of your interest from one of various categories. Why not adopt a Chinese anti-demon door mask, or a Fijian ancestor figure? The income generated through your adoption will go towards preserving the collection. A day at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery is an entertaining and educative experience for both young and old visitors. A fee may be charged for some of the events and exhibitions. For more information, visit the website of Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Chamberlain Square -
B33DH Birmingham
United Kingdom

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The Birmingham Museum Gallery is open daily between 10am and 5pm. Check the website for specific hours.


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