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Pleasurewood Hills, located conveniently between Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth, is not just a fun-filled day out for thrill seekers, it is also a memorable experience for the whole family. Even little children, accompanied to a certain height by their guardian, can ride an array of roller coasters, swinging ships, go karts, water more

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..slides, and boat tours. The white-knuckle enthusiasts will love the brand new Jolly Roger. It hoists you up to great heights and then drops you; you'll go from 0-60 in 0.8 seconds! Another prime attraction is the Wipeout coaster: it launches you into several corkscrews and loops at breakneck speeds, then sends you back in reverse! Only the strongest of stomachs can cope with the dizzying Fireball gyro swing, swinging 20 metres high at angles up to 120 degrees, while spinning you 360 degrees throughout. Or defy gravity on the Tide Traveller, which spins you round and round and turns you upside down! If you haven't lost your appetite by then, you can have a meal or snack at the Merry Mariner, or grab some fish & chips at the Flying Fish - a classic seaside must-eat! Still not satisfied? Visit the illusionist's show, or engage in a thrilling game of laser tag! For more information, visit the website of Pleasurewood Hills

Leisure Way -
NR325DZ Lowestoft, Suffolk
United Kingdom

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Pleasurewood Hills is opened every day in July and August between 10am and 5pm or 6pm, and irregularly the rest of the year. Check the website to avoid disappointment!


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