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Yorkshire Wildlife Park is an innovative walk-through safari park in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. The newly designed enclosures allow more interaction with the animals to take place; you can get closer to them then you could ever dream of. Witness the majestic African lions basking in the sun, observe zebra, ostriches and Ankole more

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The Yorkshire Wildlife Park

..cattle (famous for their incredibly broad horns) roam the African-style plains. There are Siberian tigers (also known as Amur tigers) too, which you can check out from a 150-metre walkway, giving you a spectacular view! The meerkat enclosure is of special interest as well, because its fencing partially consists of see-through panels, which provide pleasant viewing opportunities for children. Children also love walking in the wallaby walkabout, where they can actually sit down and pet a wallaby! The cleverly simulated natural environment of Lemur Woods allows the lemurs to show their climbing skills. They are incredibly dexterous, but they're also very social and inquisitive. They may walk right up to you and say hello! Kids can do some monkeying around of their own in the Jungle Play Barn, which features slides, climbing racks, swings, ropes and other obstacles. For more information, visit the website of The Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Warning Tongue Lane -
DN46TB Doncaster, South Yorkshire
United Kingdom

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The Yorkshire Wildlife Park is opened every day from March 10th and November 4th 2012 between 10am and 6pm. Opened irregularly the rest of the year. Check the website to avoid disappointment.


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  • s fowbert
    27-07-2013 - 18:33 Reply

    Totally agree, i don’t believe the headline grabber of 70% of tickets actually exists. Any discount would have been good but advertising something that cannot be found is frustrating to say the least!

    • redactie
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      You can find all our discount’s for Yorkshire Wildlife Park on this page. When nothing’s there, we are not able to help you at the moment. Please keep an eye out for new discounts!

  • P Atkinson
    23-07-2013 - 20:07 Reply

    I have been trying to use your site to get discount vouchers for the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Also trying to sign up for other discount offer. But appear to have just gone around in circles for hours.