What is Adventure Island?

If you're up for a great adventure, visit Adventure Island! With rides for maximum thrills like roller coasters, or family friendly rides for the entire family. You can buy a blue, green or red band for the day. Each colour represents a different thrill factor of the rides. The red band is for the little ones, all these rides are suitable for children under 1 metre, and mums or dads can accompany them for free. The green band is for the family friendly rides. If your child is between 1 and 1.2 metres this is the best option. If your child needs to be accompanied on a ride you can ride along free. If you're an ultimate thrill seeker then the blue ride band is what you need. Rides like the Sky Drop or the Scorpion are just a few examples of the true adventures that lay ahead. With a blue band you get access to all the rides. There are a few rides where you pay as you play. Try some Adventure Golf or visit the Mega City Prize Arcade. Adventure Island is the place to be for a fun day out with the enire family. Check the website for more information.


Western Esplanade
SS11EE  '* Temporary city in United Kingdom