What is Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust?

Durrell Wildlife Park makes a visit to Jersey more than worthwhile. An impressive learning experience, a day of amazing sounds and sights, and of raising awareness. Here you will witness animals on the brink of extinction and learn about the effort Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust makes to educate the public and to preserve biodiversity through contribution to captive breeding programs. This is likely the only place you'll ever get to see a blue iguana, a Lesser Antillean iguana or a panther chameleon. Come face-to-face with the critically endangered gorilla, check out the acrobatic antics of the white-handed gibbon, be intrigued by the many cute species of tamarin and marmoset, or bask in the sun with the ring-tailed lemurs. Additionally, there are many rare tropical birds here, ranging from the tiny Mauritius olive white-eye to rare peacock and crane species, up to and including exotically coloured hornbills, bald ibises and several flamingo species. Finally, you can get way too close to several poison frogs in striking, bright colours and see several other amphibians. In any case, be sure to drop by Café Firefly, where you'll enjoy locally-grown produce in a modern ambience.


La Profonde Rue
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