What is Edinburgh Zoo?

Edinburgh Zoo is easily one of the UK's most impressive zoos. This is the only place in the UK where giant pandas live. Nowhere else will you become immersed in their world, by means of the incredibly well-designed enclosure. This is also the only place in the UK to house koalas. The Budongo Trail is home to a group of chimpanzees and resembles their natural environment, and it is here that you will see chimps up close, perhaps interact with them, and learn about research efforts and their conservation status. Besides the obvious crowd favourites, there is a spectacular array of rare exotic birds in the walkthrough aviary, as well as swinging capuchin and squirrel monkeys. Witness critically endangered Amur leopards or majestic Asian lions, or try to spot sidewinding snakes. After watching a feeding session at the world's largest penguin enclosure you will probably want to choose something to eat from one of the zoo's three cafés, or grab a bite from one of the many stalls. There is so much to see and do, you will need to come early to make the most of your day.


Corstorphine Road   134
EH126TS  '* Temporary city in United Kingdom