What is Highland Wildlife Park?

Highland Wildlife Park (near Aviemore) is an opportunity like no other to get close to Scottish and highland wildlife. Here you'll meet many endangered species from tundras and mountains from all over the world. Among the tundra wildlife are polar bears, Amur tigers, reindeer and snowy owls. Featured mountain animals include Japanese macaques, red pandas, yaks, and the ancient Przewalski's horses. More locally, you can see enormous European bison and elk, the elusive eagle owl, the reserved lynx, and wolves and beavers. But you can also try to get a glimpse of famous Scottish animals: see if you can spot red deer, the wildcat, the red squirrel or the rare grouse variety capercaillie. Throughout the day, there are talks at feeding times, where experts tell you more about the animals they care for. In addition to going around on foot, you can drive around the Main Reserve in your own car. Round off by warming up to a nice hot drink, snack, or meal, and make the day more memorable by taking home a souvenir from the eco-friendly gift shop!


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