What is JohnLewis.com?

John Lewis is a popular UK retailer offering the best in furniture, electrical, home wares, gifts, fashion items and much more. Their website johnlewis.com is easy to use as once you have found the item you want to buy; it is simple to add it to your shopping basket by pushing the 'add to my basket' link. There are unparallel range of services from the company to assist buyers find the best options when shopping online with them. The website is very easy to navigate with fast and simple paying options. There are tabs on the home page that enable users find products easily. They include home, men, women, leisure, sports, gifts and many more. When scrolling over the tabs, a drop down menu appears offering details of items available in the section. There is a search box option on the website which allows users to search for a shop, specific product or items by code. Their search feature works smoothly and makes it easier as well as saves time for the buyer. Now the department store is offering product reviews on its site for the benefit of the consumers. They hope that buyers will have a better online shopping experience with expert advice and feedback from clients at johnlewis.com. This feature will also add to a floor shopping experience online. The merchandise at John Lewis are of top quality with great designs at competitive rates. All prices are comparable to other online retailers and some products have better warranty as bonus. The company delivers all items over £30 free of charge. In case you are not sure about the brand you want to buy the website has a compare option. Internet purchases are good and johnlewis.com gives what it promises. You can contact them for all doubts and queries.