What is London Aquarium?

SEA LIFE London Aquarium is an amazing exhibit of marine lifeforms from all over the globe. There are over five hundred species represented here, and they are spread across fourteen themed zones over 3 floors. A recently opened penguin exhibit gives you a true Antarctic experience. Find Nemo hiding in the colourful anemones and corals of the tropical exhibit. Watch the green sea turtle as it cruises elegantly through the water. Marvel at the invertebrate octopus as it squiggles its way through tiny openings. As should be expected from any aquarium, there are plenty of sharks: more than forty sharks from twelve different species. There's even a tank with a glass walkway over the top, so you are literally only inches above the sharks! Another highlight is the Pacific display, which spans part of all three floors. It offers a spectacular view of the tank. In the Shark Reef Encounter, there is an interactive Shark Academy where kids can learn more about sharks, hopefully reducing irrational fears of being devoured whole. During feeding times, the keepers tell you more about the animals. It's best to come early and check the website for feeding times!


Westminster Bridge Road
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