What is Manor House Wild Animal Park?

Manor House Wildlife Park, in Saint Florence, Tenby, is home to a diverse array of exotic and rare animals. The park is especially notable for its walkthrough enclosures: enclosures in which you can get closer with animals than ever before and even touch some of them! Right at the entrance you'll hop into the wallaby enclosure and walk right among them. In the African village, you can get into another exhibit. Here you'll meet the tortoises, and child-favourites such as the pygmy goats, the chickens and Cameroon sheep. Next up, you can monkey around with the lemurs. They'll march right up to you, giving you a unique chance to interact with them! You'll see lots and lots of other animals, too, including the rare Przewalski's horse, meerkats, gibbons, rhinos, zebras, llamas, camels, marmosets, oryxes and a very colourful variety of birds, including flamingos, macaws, ostriches, emus and guinea fowl. Kids are entertained for hours thanks to the indoor Hay Play, a secure outdoor play area and a wildlife trail, while the whole family will enjoy the picnic areas, the Snack Shack, the café and the amusing gift shop.