What is Monkey World - Ape Rescue Centre?

Monkey World in Wareham, Dorset is the ultimate place to go monkey around for a day. The Ape Rescue Centre is home to over 240 rescued and endangered primates. Visit the four groups of chimpanzees, learn the amazing stories of their life, their troubled backgrounds and their rehabilitation towards being the highly social animals they are at heart. Meet orang-utan Tuan, who was kept illegally as a pet, and appreciate his recovery: from runaway renegade to caring father. There are two other groups of orang-utans, of both the Bornean and Sumatran species. Learn about the park's involvement in the European Endangered Species Programme. It's not just a great place to see great apes, though, as there are five types of gibbons here, too! For instance, you can hang around with golden-cheek gibbons and see them swinging around their enclosure. Or visit Sam, a lone Siamang gibbon, and keep him company. Meet Kitty the lar gibbon and Paul the agile gibbon, who have become great friends and love playing together. Finally, there's a variety of other monkeys, including prosimians, who have been transfered from other parks or rescued from smugglers: among them are capuchins, marmosets, tamarins, macaques and lemurs.


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