What is National Marine Aquarium?

The National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth takes you on an adventure across the world's oceans. Your journey starts in Plymouth Sound, a clever recreation of the ecosystem as it found just outside the city centre. It features hermit crabs, lobsters, anemones, starfish and small sharks. Next, you are taken to greater depths, to the waters off the British coast. The simulation of its ecosystem is made possible through the research function of the Aquarium. Here you get up close and personal with the increasingly vulnerable native seahorse, and gaze upon more colourful corals and anemones. From the British coast, you then move on to the unfathomable depths of the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean display is the biggest tank in the UK and features an array of animals found in the Western Atlantic. The sand tiger sharks, or ragged-tooth sharks cruise the upper regions while large nurse sharks lie at the bottom. A multitude of other fish species swim around them. The final tank, 'Blue Planet,' is the grande finale; it represents the Great Barrier Reef, is very colourful, and will further your appreciation of the world's oceans and the importance of conserving biodiversity through breeding programmes, education, and research.


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