What is SEA LIFE Birmingham?

A day at Birmingham Sea Life is an educative experience with eye candy strewn all over it. Over one thousand creatures are featured in over sixty exhibits! Get up close to hammerheads and black-tip reef sharks in their open-top tank, and find out why most sharks aren't dangerous to humans as their keepers tell you everything you want to know (and didn't know you wanted to know) about some of these iconic sharks. Like many Sea Life locations, Birmingham has an interactive rockpool, where children (and their parents) learn about Britain's coasts and get a chance to touch a starfish or hold a crab. Kids will also love the soft play area and the 4D cinema! However, there's also a humongous million-litre tropical tank! Also, make sure to check out the giant green turtles! One of them is over 50 years old. Learn about his longevity and watch him scratch his belly on the corals. Of course you'll want to check hiding holes for the scary-looking moray eels, and you wouldn't want to miss the adorable otter family! Finally, the recently opened Claws exhibit shows you all about marine machines: crabs, lobsters, and other crustaceans.


The Waters Edge
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