What is SEA LIFE Brighton?

Brighton Sea Life Centre, the world's oldest operational aquarium, has recently had a full makeover. Marvel at the 200-feet long Arcade, restored to its former glory, which houses over a hundred species of fish and invertebrates. The renovation also saw the introduction of new exhibitions, such as the Jellyfish Discovery; home to several tropical species of these stingy beings, including the mysterious moon jellyfish. Another new addition is the glass-bottomed boat, giving you an unprecedented view of the deep. Your visit doesn't really count as a visit if you haven't seen Sea Life Brighton's most famous resident: Lulu the green turtle. She's huge, heavy, and an estimated 70 years old! Her keepers will tell you all about these fascinating creatures during feeding time. There are several other species of turtle, too. Additionally, you can try to find clownfish Nemo hanging out in the reef exhibit. But there are also rays and even a variety of sharks: black tip reef sharks, brown sharks, nurse sharks and zebra sharks! Finally, there's a touch pool where kids (and grown-ups) can try to grab a crab without getting nabbed, or touch a live starfish.


Marine Parade
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