What is SEA LIFE Loch Lomond?

Alexandria's Loch Lomond Sea Life Aquarium (near Glasgow) is easily one Scotland's most impressive aquariums. You will be busy all day checking out the many fascinating marine animals that live here. At several moments during the day, there are feeding sessions during which expert keepers explain all you'd want to know about your favourite animal. Find out what rays eat and where they live in the wild and see the clever tricks the Asian short-clawed otters use to get to their food. Be sure to learn about the efforts made to help preserve adorable seahorses. Sea Life's signature Interactive Rockpool is also present in Alexandria. Here, kids (and their parents) learn how to hold a crab, hold a starfish and learn about life on British shores. Get up close and personal with a clever Giant Pacific Octopus, or watch Scotland's only Green Sea Turtle, Cammy, lounging at Turtle Reef. She shares her tank with the impressive blacktip reef sharks, stunning leopard sharks, and bottom-dwelling nurse sharks. Every other day the sharks are fed, which is a very spectacular sight. But for the most spectacular sight you'll want to take a walk through the glass tunnel that runs underneath Turtle Reef.


Ben Lomond Way
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