What is SEA LIFE Scarborough?

Scarborough Sea Life and Marine Sanctuary is an aquarium with a diverse collection of marine animals. Whether you love the cuddly Humboldt penguin, the charming Asian short-clawed otters or mysterious sharks, you'll find out here which you like most. If you like seahorses, you should try to find the rare and incredibly well-camouflaged leafy sea dragon. There's an interactive rockpool where kids can hold a crab or touch a starfish; a clever way to engage them with marine wildlife. There are lots of seals, too. While some rescued seal pups are re-released, some stay when they are nourished back to health. During feeding time you meet the seals as their keepers tell you all about them. Of course there are lots of sharks, too: leopard sharks, Port Jackson sharks, starry smooth-hound, and the very sharky-looking blacktip reef sharks. If you look carefully in their tank, you may also spot Antiopi, the loggerhead turtle. She was rescued after a boat propeller injured her head and she now resides here, occasionally even stealing food from the sharks! Come early to make sure the day isn't over before you've seen the octopi, rays, piranhas, moray eels, spider crabs, and many more!


Scalby Mills
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