What is The Deep Aquarium?

The Deep is not only a hallmark of modern architecture, it is also one of the most impressive aquariums in the world. This is a very educative experience for adults and children alike. You'll explore the history of the world's oceans by examining huge fossils and by creating your own sea monster; see if it survives the harsh realities of natural selection! Next up is the Lagoon of Light, where a coral reef tells you the story of present-day life. A bubble at the bottom of the tank provides opportunities for really close encounters with the tropical fish. The lagoon is followed by the coral reef drop off, where a whole other ecosystem exists. Throughout the day, there are talks and presentations in this area. There are several other exhibits covering all extremes; tropical freshwater Amazon habitats, as well as an Arctic display with real walls of ice. Explore the future as well as the present in the Deep Blue One; the aquarium's research station which gives you insight into the consequences of pollution from human activity. As you exit Deep Blue One, you are suddenly on the ocean floor. Watch sharks just inches, or up to 10 meters overhead! Have a drink, snack or meal at the beginning or end of your visit, or at the Halfway Café for a quick break.


Tower Street
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