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Thorpe Park Londen

Thorpe Park in Chertsey is like the Mecca of Adrenalism, an amazing theme park stuffed with world-class roller coasters and other thrill rides which will leave you nauseous, or begging for more! The park is home to many coasters that have become famous in the thrill seeker community: Colossus, with its ten(!) vertical loops; Stealth takes you to a dizzying height of 205 feet at a breathtaking speed of 80mph; Nemesis Inferno has loops, spins, dives and corkscrews in every possible direction; SAW The Ride, inspired by the famous motion pictures, is a terrifying coaster..

Practical information


Staines Road
KT168PN Londen



Opening hours

Visit the website of Thorpe Park for the opening times.