What is Twycross Zoo?

Twycross Zoo, with its perfectly central location within Warwickshire, is a great destination for a fun-filled and educative day out for the whole family. You'll find a spectacularly diverse array of animals here, including all classes of vertebrates, but also invertebrates such as tarantulas and leaf-cutter ants. Check out rare mammals such as the elusive Amur leopard, snow leopard, capybaras (the biggest rodents in the world!) and even hyenas, as well as familiar crowd favourites like otters, wallabies, Asian elephants, and giraffes. Try to spot the many species of tropical birds (including parrots, macaws, storks and ibis), see the adorable Humboldt penguins, and several species of owl. Cold-blooded visitors can blend right in with the many tortoises, snakes and iguanas! The park is most famous for its primates, even branding itself as the World Primate Centre. You name them, they've got them: several gibbon species, howler monkeys, different kinds of marmosets, bonobos, orang-utans, chimpanzees, tamarins, and even humans. Be careful though, as humans roam the park freely! They can be found all over the park, watching other animals, and in the restaurants, enjoying delicious locally sourced food and drinks.


Burton Road
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