What is Whitechapel Art Gallery?

The Whitechapel Gallery is one of London's most famous and beloved galleries for modern and contemporary art. Having a keen eye for artistic innovation, the Gallery's curators were the first to attract to Britain, among others, the works of the hugely influential abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock and colour-field innovator Mark Rothko, as well as Picasso's Guernica. There is always a huge number of works on display, spanning a range of genres and artistic disciplines. You'll find conceptual installations, video installations, films, photographs, and of course lots and lots of paintings and sculptures. As if the works on their own aren't enough to keep you busy all day, there's a range of events in which you can participate, including film screenings, the London Art Book Fair, guided gallery tours, seminars, discussions, courses, workshops, and a range of events for children and adolescents, including a festival and children's drawing workshops. Furthermore, Whitechapel has a well-endowed shop, featuring beautiful publications, greeting cards, posters, bookmarks, and art materials. They even sell limited edition original artwork. The delicious home-made food sold in the dining room is a great way to end the day.


Whitechapel High Street   77-82
E17QX  '* Temporary city in United Kingdom